Mini Beast

  • This workshop is designed to introduce the pupils to the wonderful world of mini beasts and show them how clever these little creatures can be.
  • All the children can dress-up and experience what it is like to be a mini beast.
  • Workshop length: 1 hour

Find Out More

  • Our journey takes us through the daily routine of a spider and how he stores his food for a rainy day.
  • How caterpillars protect themselves from predators and their amazing transformation into butterflies by staying safe in a cocoon.
  • Why do gardeners want ladybirds, bees and wasps? To make the echo system work.
  • Find out why dragonflies are like teachers. They see all!
  • Discover why many hands make light work, by learning team-work in an ant colony.


  • Return to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period.
  • Become different dinosaurs from changing time periods and discover how they evolved and survived among fearsome predators.
  • Workshop length: 1 hour

Find Out More

  • How much vegetation was there millions of years ago? Watch out for the Herrasaurs!
  • What was the weather and climate like?
  • How did Triceratops and others adapt and protect themselves from T-Rex?


Brilliant Bear Facts

Stone Age

  • Encounter the world of bears including polar, brown and black bears.
  • Hibernate in a bear cave, fish for food and learn how they make nests.
  • Workshop length: 1 hour
  • Travel back in time and visit a Stone Age village, to see how they lived.
  • What did the hunters hunt and what weapons did they use.
  • Gather the local produce from forests, bushes and rocky terrain.
  • Try your hand at cave drawings and learn what they used for paintbrushes.
  • See how life progressed from Stone Age, to Bronze Age to Iron Age.

Find Out More

  • Become a bear that lives in a tree and find out how they make nests
  • Travel to the Pole and discover how to catch your food with Polar Bears
  • Hibernate with a Cave bear over winter.
  • Learn how to fish for salmon with brown and black bears

Find Out More

Learn what life would have been like living in a community like Skara Brae and what activities would have taken place.

  • As hunter gatherers, we discover the type of food they would have eaten, berries, fruit, meat and fish; how they gathered and how they hunted and what weapons they used to hunt.

  • By working together as a group they find out how to hunt a woolly mammoth and how to make the best use out of the animal for the whole community.

  • Jewellery was very popular, so we find out what types of materials they made them out of. We also discover how artistic they were, which has enabled us to learn so much about their life style.

  • We finish off by moving forward in time to see the changes in their living conditions that occurred during the Bronze and Iron Age.

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